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Inflatable Bubble Domes, Stages, Event Tents, and More!  All to help provide weather safe space for special events, guests, growing families, hobbies, or whatever you can think of.

Because You Can Have Your Day Anywhere!

Perfect for a special event anywhere, no matter the weather, even snow(!), connect rooms, add privacy curtains, lights and decorations.  Many sizes and configurations.  Contact Lynda Anne for details.  Note for wedding planners, custom domes require 40 days to ship. 

Some domes require a blower to operate at all times.  Others are inflate once and they will stay inflated for a few days.  Some have an option for either.  Many products are customizable. They can connect, so you can expand your space as needed too! Need a specific dimension, or adjoining spaces? Contact Lynda Anne or enlist a personal shopper; we'll help you get exactly what you need!


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